How to avoid losing your Key

Losing or misplacing your keys is probably one of the most stressful experienced you could have. You might be in a rush to get somewhere and you can’t leave without your keys which you can’t find anywhere. Especially if you’re looking for your house keys. It might be a small thing but it’s of vital importance. We’ve all experienced that sensation of growing anxiety when we can’t find our key’s. In order to avoid this, we will be sharing a series of tips and tricks, so you don’t have to experience this every again and you will always find your keys and where they are.


These are pretty simple and foolproof tips on how to avoid losing your keys. It will ensure that you always know where they are, that they are in a safe place and you’ll know where to look for them.

Keyrings with locators will help you avoid losing your keys


Thanks to modern day technology, we can now have keyrings that are equipped with various GPS or Bluetooth devices. With the help of these locators, you will be able to locate your keys pretty fast and without too much hassle. The device will emit a sound which will guide you where to go and look. Ideal and simple way to avoid losing your keys. One of great locators (which can also be used for keyrings) is Apple’s AirTag.

Make a spare key

Another method that you could try, and locksmiths usually advise this, is to make a spare key and leave it with your family or close environment to your house. A quick and easy solution to the “lost key” problem. Furthermore, this solution is also great in case your key got stolen. You will always have a second one to go back to until you either change the locks on your house or make another copy of the same key.

Keyed lock

Some people lose or misplace their keys so frequently that there’s not much sense in putting locators on them or making a copy of it. So, the best solution is to not carry your keys with you at all. Keyed locks do just that. They can work with both a key or a fingerprint. And since your fingerprints are always with you, you can’t lose them, you will always be able to get inside your house or property. A genius way to avoid losing your keys because you’re not carrying them with you.

Leave them in the same place EVERY TIME


If you tend to leave your keys in different places every time you come home, try and creating a habit on putting them in the same place every single time you are home. You might try having a key holder bowl near your door. So, every time you come home, put your jacket on the rack, the bowl will be right there.

Leaving your keys near the door – Be careful

If you’re one of those people that will, in order to avoid losing your keys, leave them (or a spare one) near the front door… we highly advise that you rethink that option. You might leave them in an inconspicuous place and you think “No one would look there”. This can be really dangerous, because strangers might have the same though logic i.e. looking for inconspicuous places where they would hide their keys.

Don’t leave your keys inside the door


This is something every locksmith would tell you. Let’s say that your friend or close relative needs to enter your home in case of an emergency. While the key is in the lock, they can’t. In addition to this, when the key is inside the lock, it is always “in use” which means that it can get damaged, being rendered useless and so on. Furthermore, thieves are nowadays using magnets and they can easily unlock the door from the other side and enter your home. So avoid this practice of leaving the keys inside the lock!


These tips are to prevent and avoid losing your keys. However, if you do end up losing (or misplacing) them, you should contact a locksmith. While you wait, make sure that you re-trace your steps, look down on the ground and see if maybe you dropped them. You don’t need to repeat everything you did that day, but from the last moment you know you had your keys to the moment of realizing that you don’t, is highly recommended. If everything else fails, and you still can’t find them (or you don’t have a spare one), the only remaining option is to contact a professional locksmith. MJ’S Locksmiths provide affordable and high-quality locksmith services and we are available 24-7.